Special program for students seeking to study abroad beyond United States and United Kingdom. This program drops all limits of where you can study.

Explore Top Universities outside US and UK

Study beyond the US and UK (Australia, Europe, etc.)

Join our global community of students learning all over the world in the best colleges and universities in Australia, Canada, Europe and beyond. There are numerous study programs beyond the US and the UK that compete in equal measure with American and British schools. However, since the breadth of schools is high it is tough understand the structures and ways to get into all these different programs, all of which might have different admission criteria.

At Edutest, we have established a program that allows you to apply smoothly to any program beyond the US and UK. We have done ultimate research on all these programs, financial aid opportunities, admissions criteria and have bundled it all into this program so that you can craft admissions-winning applications to schools in Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, essentially any college possibility outside the US and UK that is accredited and performs in equal measure with the best colleges/universities in the world. Do you want to study abroad in a diverse environment with quality programs and competitive job outcomes? This is the right program for you!

Gain admission to the best global universities

Explore Top Universities outside US and UK

Top Schools in Canada

Top Schools in Europe

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Top Schools in Asia

Rest of the World

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Are there any monthly payment plans?

At the moment, no! However, we are working on creating a simpler monthly payment plan. Get in touch with our team for additional details.

Are all programs online or I need to be at your centre?

Some programs are available only online, others only physical, but most programs can be accessed both online and physically. You just have to select your mode of delivery on enrollment.

Is there a refund policy if you do not like the program?

Yes, for customer satisfaction we have a 7-day money-back guarantee if you end up not liking the program or if you enroll in a program that’s not necessarily fit for your goal.

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