How To Deal With A Rejected Scholarship Application

Being rejected from a scholarship application is part of the process and a common to must students, but you shouldn’t give up yet.

How To Deal With A Rejected Scholarship Application


All my peers got admitted to their dream universities, except for me. Am I not good enough? Am I doing this wrong?

Remember that rejection is totally normal and part of the long process. And most importantly, your scholarship application does not define you! You’re worthy no matter what happens.

Here are some tips that could help you move on and forward with life after that rejection email. The key is persistence.

Be easy on yourself :

Bear in mind that failure is part of success. Being rejected does not mean that you’re not good enough! There are many outside factors out of your control, such as policy priorities or the number of students who applied at the same time.

Turn the rejection into a learning opportunity :

If I were in your shoes, I would do my best to identify my weaknesses and try to avoid these mistakes in my next application.
What Would you have done differently?

Ask people who have been awarded scholarships how it went for them. The more you know the better!
You can work on your motivational letter and try to improve it. Watch videos for efficient tips.

Continue to seek new opportunities:

There’s only so much you can do. Continue to apply! You can be proactive, find a good fit, play to your strengths, prepare an outstanding motivation letter. Don’t let that one failed attempt stop you from looking for opportunities.

I treat scholarship hunting as a learning experience. After all, you’re not losing anything from continuing to look for scholarship programs that perfectly fit your skills and ambitions.

Remember that you’re not starting from scratch this time! You’re not the first who gets rejected on earth. Never doubt yourself and push through! Your future successful self will thank you for your resilience.

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