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As a social organization, Edutest advocates for access to world-class education. Edutest identifies, empowers, and connects students to opportunities…to Universities around the world & provides the best financing strategies

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We lead our students through the whole applications with top tier universities to facilitate the process and boost their acceptance chances.

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  • SAT prep
  • GRE prep
  • TOEFL prep
  • IELTS prep
  • SAT Subject Test prep
  • College Counseling
  • General/Academic English
  • English for Entrepreneurs
  • Online Courses

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Edutest students have the highest scores in the
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We believe everyone deserves a good education. Let us help you in figuring out the tuitions.

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With a very diverse club environment, our students learn how to become the leaders of tomorrow.


Edutest aims to open doors for international education to all students.


We help bring out excellence in both our students and staff.


Our approach is based on creativity, professionalism & valuing people


Think you’re Ivy League material? We’ll make sure you make it!


We also help with your grad school applications


Complete and learn in the best US athletics programs


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Edutest is a social entreprise that adapts perfectly to the working mode today with a decentralized administration.


With the duality of its approach, between face-to-face and online education, Edutest will adapt to the learning modes you choose.


If you want to study online, Edutest is the perfect platform for you.

Frequently asked questions

Edutest is an educational center that aims to open the doors of international education to all students.

School counselors play a key role in the application process for universities. As one of the very few organizations that offer this service in Tunisia, Edutest provides valuable information and guidance to students regarding their admission(essays, recommendation letters, college search) and financial aid applications.

Both the words “Bachelor” and “Undergraduate” are a synonym for the first cycle of university studies, which usually lasts 4 years and is the equivalent of a “license” and one year of “master” in Tunisia. By pursuing this 4 year cycle, undergraduate students get  a bachelor degree (bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, bachelor of engineering). Graduate students are working on a master’s degree (usually take 2–3 years).

Yes. Scholarships are accessible to everyone, and are not exclusive to those who excel academically. In fact, the possibility of financial assistance is based on the student’s family situation. Of course, there are also merit and athletic scholarships, but most are scholarships on social criteria.

Hundreds of universities around the world are providing substantial scholarships, covering airfare, education, housing, food and even student pocket money. The goal of Edutest Tunisia is to ensure that our students receive these scholarships.

We offer SAT online and offline courses, TOEFL and GRE online courses. The courses are available at the weekend and in the weekdays, with the option to have either regular, intensive ,or private classes. All offline courses take place in our three centers in Montplaisir, Sousse and Sfax.