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Every individual has the potential to create change, make thebest of his/her life. As a matter of fact, we know that each oneof us has a completely different journey. Some of us start theirown project at an early age. Others are still worried about theirfuture. Do you want to pursue your studies abroad and yourpath is not clear yet?

Edutest is here for you to unlock your hidden potential. Wegive you the privilege to study in an advanced quality educationuniversity across the world.

Our passionate and dedicated team will guide you through yourentire journey. We try our best to communicate openly witheach other, share thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Ourconsultants and mentors aim to give you accurate informationand a well-organized schedule.

Edutest Global

Our mission

There are three commitments we’ve made to the world. We’ve been grounded by these since day one:

Languages are crucial

Enhance teaching and learning languages (English, French, and German)

Quality Education

Increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere

Tech Oriented

Implement technology in education (online courses, online payments)

Edutest Overview

Together with us you will broaden your knowledge and have deeper trainings.

Over 100 universities around the globe are opening doors for our students.

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Undergraduate Study

At Edutest, we view college as an opportunity for the student to discover new interests, practice curiosity, and learn new skills.

Graduate & Professional Study

Schedule and reserve classrooms at one campus or multiple campuses. Keep detailed records of student attendance

Online Learning

Edutest thinks about you! We offeryou fexible hours of e-learning.

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Not Sure What Pathway to Take ?

Book a consultation to get a dedicated session with our EduTest team to best determine the pathway that best fits you.

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Get Admission into the top universities worldwide

Edutest online
Now offering a dedicated online college
prep program with personal
live sessions

Study in United States

Everything you need to learn to get into a leading college in the United States

Study in United Kingdom

Everything you need to learn to get into a top university in the United Kingdom

Study in Canada

Everything you need to learn to get into a top university in Canada

Study in France

Everything you need to learn to get into a top university in France

Study in Germany

Everything you need to learn to get into a top university in Germany

Top Global Colleges

Everything you need to learn to get into a top college in Europe, Canada and beyond

Learn English

All you need to pass your English proficiency/ competency exam

Admissions Support

Get full support on the admissions process, from entry tests to admission

Flexible Sessions

Learn online whenever you want and schedule your ideal appointments

Access Scholarships

Our support goes beyond admissions. We help you find the right aid/scholarship

Expert Counsellors

From seasoned college counselors to Ivy League students and graduates

Extra-Curricular Advising

Refine your profile into a top applicant by getting the best extracurricular help

Personalized Support

For both our online and physical programs, we offer one-on-one sessions

Our services

Our 360° Service

  • 10 Hours Of Individual Counseling
  • 1-On-1 Counseling
  • Universities List Selection
  • Access To Our Edutest App
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Refined Personal Statement
  • Financial Aid Application Help
  • Building Activity List

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We have been helping students get to universities all around the world

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