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International English Language Testing System Prep (IELTS)

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the major English language tests recognized by universities and institutions in many countries. This standardized examination evaluates an international non-native English speaker’s command of the language by testing their ability to read, write, speak, and listen to English.

Here at the Edutest, our team works relentlessly to ensure your best chances for success. We offer you preparation courses that are designed to best equip you with the necessary tools to get the best scores. Our curriculum is designed with the international student in mind, aiming at teaching you all that you need to know for excelling in the IELTS. We aim at familiarizing you with the format while arming you with all the tips, tricks, and strategies to improve your score and gain admission to your desired English-speaking programs.

Module 1

TOEFL Reading Section

Module 2

TOEFL Listening Section

Module 3

TOEFL Speaking Section

Module 4

TOEFL Writing Section

Module 5

General Tips and Tricks

Are there any monthly payment plans?

At the moment, no! However, we are working on creating a simpler monthly payment plan. Get in touch with our team for additional details.

Are all programs online or I need to be at your centre?

Some programs are available only online, others only physical, but most programs can be accessed both online and physically. You just have to select your mode of delivery on enrollment.

What Our Students Say

We have been helping students get to universities all around the world

Thanks to Edutest, I have become part of this very active community, participated in Harvard, Stanford, and UWC programs and have been able to truly express my thoughts and ambitions. I have been able to get accepted in the most selective programs in the world thanks to Edutest’s mentoring.
Edutest has helped me a lot in preparing files for American universities. But above all, it’s thanks to their SAT classes that I was able to have a very good score in the admission test. I was able to learn several tricks and methods that served me a lot on the day of the exam. I thank them deeply.
The Edutest Center is a center that has opened many opportunities for our teenagers. Sincerely, this is an opportunity not to be missed! As a parent with two children in Edutest, and even a niece, I will advise everyone to come and live this experience.

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