Edutest, an association transformed into a company

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Addictest, the association that helps young people obtain scholarships in the United States, takes a new step. After having worked as a volunteer since 2015, Addictest has become a business.

“This does not change our original purpose. We maintain our social vision that allows all national students, regardless of their financial situation, to benefit from guidance support,” says Ziyad El Mouniri, founder and president of the association.

He added: “We are a for-profit training center and social agenda. Our center is even free for those who can not afford the price of this preparation.

The proposed rate is 1,900 DH / year. The candidate is trained during one year (oral interview, extracurricular activities …) and accompanied in the preparation of the application file. Then, he passes the competition for access to the American schools (Standardized Aptitude Test).

“This contest is not exclusive to those who excel academically. What is most important is the grade obtained in this test and the ranking that gives access to universities. Currently, only 700 people pass the entrance examination on 5,000 places. These scholarships remain unknown to the general public, which makes the situation even more favorable to the few Moroccans who submit their candidacy, “says Ziyad El Mouniri.

The possibility of financial assistance is based on the student’s family situation in most cases. On the other hand, there are also merit scholarships.

There are hundreds of universities around the world that grant considerable scholarships, and cover the students’ airfare, education, lodging, food and even pocket money. This financial aid is not limited, on the contrary, the majority of students in these institutions are scholars, says Addictest.

As for achievements, Addictest has so far accompanied 320 students. Recipients have been awarded scholarships to continue their studies in prestigious American universities. “Most students get help between 50% and 60% of the costs. Our goal is to train them to get 80% or 100% of the funding, “said the president of Addictest.

Thanks to a qualified quota, there are hundreds of scholarships specially reserved for students of Moroccan nationality. This year, a young student from the Lycée Descartes in Rabat was admitted to Harvard University, ranked first university in the world with a full scholarship.

Other graduates have been accepted with scholarship in other universities ranked in the world top 10 such as Stanford University, Yale or Columbia. There are more than 4,600 universities in America, including some of the most prestigious and largest institutions in the world (including Harvard, Stanford, and MIT). These universities are open to the world and receive thousands of applications from around the world.