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The Global Edutest Fellowship (GEF) Program serves to enhance the learning experiences of the students at Edutest centres all over Africa and the Middle East. GEFs are highly-motivated recent college graduates, or gap year students, with an interest in education. GEFs undergo teacher training with an emphasis on working with our students applying to foreign universities. All your work will be in English.

  • Gain Teaching Experience and Make an Impact on Africa and the Middle East
  • One-Year or Two-Year Full Time Positions in Tunis, Tunisia (Our Headquarters)
  • Cultural Immersion in Tunisia – Learn and Reinforce Your French and Arabic
  1. Full time paid position in Tunis, Tunisia
  2. Subsidized accommodation and food costs
  3. Cours complémentaires en arabe ou en français

The application process is on a rolling basis. Please send your CV and cover letter to hello@edutest.co

Or you can apply on our website above under the Fellowship Program description.

There are two options: Either a one-year program or two-year program. We are quite flexible. We welcome extensions from 1 year to 2 years, but do not guarantee it. Scaling back from 2 years to 1 year is possible but will be on a case by case situation.

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