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Scholarship Program Includes

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Extracurricular Advising
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Leadership Consulting
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Pastoral care and ongoing support
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Academic Mentorship through the duration of the school year
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Communications / Speech & Drama / Debating Coaching
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Early Stage Career Advice Support

Educational Experience

Edutest believes in the power of personalised education and mentoring. Recipients of the scholarship will receive tailored tutoring and mentoring support that helps them to apply to and secure admission to top-ranked universities.

How to Apply

+ Step 01
Submit a 500 word maximum statement explaining how this scholarship will benefit your future.
+ Step 02
List your extracurriculars and leadership activities which can include sports involvement.
+ Step 03
Submit a CV and academic transcript (term report & formal examination results)

High school recipients
Up to $
Of personalised education and mentoring awarded to each scholarship recipient
Applicants can be in Year 9/10/11/12
Students Accepted
Financial Aid in TND
Ivy League Acceptances
Educational centers