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Edutest's Mission

“With a selected team of counselors, tutors, and leadership mentors, Edutest help you deliver a stand out application and perform an outstanding SAT score. This will maximize your chances to get the acceptance letter of your dreams.

We enable our students to apply to top tier universities and guide them through the whole application process in order to facilitate their acceptance by the universities of their choice.”

EDUTEST's Vision

“We strive to help students further their education in elite universities worldwide regardless of their backgrounds,

we endeavor to build a growing network of youth seeking excellency and striving to make a change and an impact in their home countries.

EDUTEST  aims to open doors for international education and knowledge capitalization in African countries  ”

  • We support equality of chances.
  • We stand up for gender equality & women empowerment.
  •  We believe that quality education is a development lever.
  • We expect and help bring out excellence in both our students and staff.
  • We invest in students with positive impact.
  • We love what we do.
  • People are what we value most.

“Excellence, creativity, professionalism, integrity and optimism are what  drive us.”  –  Saeed Zarrouk, Founder

As a social organization, Edutest advocates access to world-class education. Edutest identifies, empowers and connects students to opportunities, universities and financial aid, around the world.

Our drive is a desire to provide equal access to higher education by providing individualized guided counseling throughout the application process, supporting students secure the necessary admission requirements, and connecting students to financial support for education abroad.

The Journey Starts Here

Are you looking for financial aid to study abroad? Are you new to Standardized Testing? In need of extra-curricular activities to build your profile?

Financial Aid and other grants

One of our primary goals at Edutest is to help students secure financial aid for university.

“Financial aid is accessible to everyone, and is not exclusive to those who excel academically. In fact, the amount and possibility of financial assistance is based on the student’s family situation. Of course, there are also merit scholarships, but financial aid is based on social criteria. There are hundreds of universities across the globe that provide considerable financial aid, and cover the students’ airfare, education, lodging, food and even pocket money.”

Saeed Zarrouk


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